Made to Order

Making to order is part of our philosophy of making mindfully.

There is enough textile waste in the world and we want to minimise our impact.  So we are starting by only making what you need. 

It takes approximately 8 weeks to make your scarf just for you.  

More information...

Once you pre-order your scarf, it will be digitally printed on luxurious 16mm silk crêpe de Chine in Sydney by the talented printers at Think Positive Prints, and cut by their experienced seamstress. It will then be sent to Hong Kong where highly skilled, couture seamstresses, trained by Think Positive, will hand-roll the hem of your scarf.  

We usually hold a small amount of stock which can be delivered quickly -  just in case you have a fashion emergency.  But our focus on sustainability will remain and for the most part, we will continue to make to order.  

If you have any questions about our design or production process, or would like to collaborate please get in touch.  We are passionate about what we do and how we do it and would love to talk to you!