The details

Quality and Versatility

We are passionate about sustainability and creating our antidote to fast fashion.

We make mindfully and believe that our passion for quality and versatility helps us be more sustainable.

We use the highest quality materials and finishes available to us.  The luxurious matte finish silk crêpe de Chine gives your scarf a beautiful drape and maximum versatility from day to night, casual to formal.  Designing with a fine art focus, creates a modern, timeless print you'll be able to wear season after season.  And each of your scarf's corners is designed to highlight different colours or moods, so you can easily create four looks from one scarf.  

Keep reading for more information on each of the stories in our 2016 Collection...


I arrived in Barcelona the night before starting art school.  I knew no-one, spoke no Spanish and only had a place to stay for a week.  Three months later I had to drag myself away, catching the last flight out with only hours to spare on my visa.  

Barcelona is my heart.  It is a beautiful mix of contradictions you only understand once you've lived there.  Here, I gave myself the freedom to fail / to live creatively. That sounds wonderfully simple, but in practice it was messy, uplifting and desperately frustrating.  As my meditation, I created a series of large-scale, white on black paintings. The Barcelona scarves are based on the first painting in this series. 

Ink Cape

It took two plane rides and three hours on a red dirt road to reach the most quietly breathtaking place I've seen. Cape Leveque is deep red rock, pure white sand and clear blue water, until you look closely and realise it's every colour reflected.  At sunrise it's nature at its most peaceful and powerful.  

Days later, I left Western Australia for the Rhode Island School of Design.   On the other side of the world, Cape Leveque stayed with me.  It energised me in a way I didn't expect, so I took my ink and brushes and painted until I felt at peace.  This series combines two places, one painting and many perspectives.   In three months I created over thirty designs to capture my experience.  I hope you enjoy the chosen few.


I've always seen the detail in the world.  In nature I'm drawn to the texture of the leaves, the shape of the berries, the froth of the waves.  I'll happily spend 20 minutes photographing a leaf and never see the tree.  

Lux is Latin for "light".  Capturing light through the lens is what I love most about photography.  This series celebrates my passion for travel, nature and abstraction and my love of place.   Each of the places in these photographs marks a moment in my journey.  These Lux prints take days to create.  They combine multiple photographs and layers, each one delicately adjusted until it feels just right.  Then when they are worn, the detail of nature is abstracted into colour, texture and light.